The Princess and the Sea

If you were a princess
And I were the sea,
A prisoner of loneliness,
A pawn of my propensity,
I’d cling to the sight
Of the only windowsill
That grants me your light:
My lonely hearts fill.
But when you look below
And see the endless sea
Contempt is what you show
An innate hatred for me.
For freedom is what I rid you
To walk this earth again,
And though my innocense is true
It’s all the same in the end.
The hopelessness I feel
Materializes into rage
For I fail to steal
Your love from my cage.
So beneath the peaceful moon
I garner its passive hate
And jealously consume
Your also passive fate.
When my wrath has setteled in,
When the clouds part ways:
Revealed to me is the sin,
The end of your days.
Reluctantley I approach the shore,
Your body and soul no longer mend.
It took this moment I abhor
To have you in the end.

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