I press my body closer,
A moth to the lustful light.
I am a man in your arms,
But what am I alone at night?
As he seeks his lewd desire,
Or as we claim him doing so,
For what am I but his reflection,
A muddy field beneath the snow.

4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Is the second quatrain meant to represent the female presence that holds the man in her arms? So like, we first get the man’s perspective, and then the woman’s? That’s how I am reading it. I just felt that the “I” changed identity, which I believe was purposeful.

    I am a man in your arms,
    But what am I alone at night? –> That’s some quality existentialism right there.

  2. Ok. So, your exactly right. It was broken into two perspectives- the first four lines the man, the second four lines the woman. The second, interpretation I put in/took from it while writing it was that the entire thing was from the man’s perspective- the I does not in fact change identity: what the man is doing instead is addressing his life, in a sort of self aware state, through the actions of the moth. the narrator in this sense is truly me-in the fifth and sixth line I am addressing my previous comparison of the moth to the light. i think lustful can have too seperate interpretations- it can be the lewd, desirable incestuous thing most people think of, and lustful could also be a commentary on human behavior- we are lustful creatures indeed, and a man’s sexual attraction to a women, or a man in some cases, is an implicit reaction inside of ourselves. In the first stanza, lust is looked at in a more instinctual fashion: the moth is drawn to the light by nature, by something implicit within him. The narrator then, self aware that most people will take the word lust as a lewd adjective, then claims, “as he seeks his lewd desire, or as we claim him doing so”, the we being everybody who witnesses this happen. The man is then reflecting on the fact that he, himself, is also a combination of the two conflicting themes- the instinctual efforts of being loved, of sexual necesity, or the simple raw desire of sex and attention. Please tell me if that made any sense because I wrote this out three ties before and it kept getting losed in losing the power, so I just wanted to get my thoughts out.

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