BTMM 1701- Stills Editing

This film is a short visual depiction of the circular nature of life, specifically touching on the aspects of relationships and love. The film starts out with three individuals, an older woman, younger woman, and a man: all are alone. As the film progresses they find themselves absorbed inside a love triangle, and the loneliness they were trying to escape inevitably remains. I wanted to use music and short verses to help progress the story, rather than dialogue. My reasoning behind this, was that dialogue is very explicit, and although the story has a plot, the intricacies of the conversations and the communication can be up for individual interpretation. The break in audio in between the two songs was purposefully edited in order to depict time elapsing from the first relationship to the second relationship.


One thought on “BTMM 1701- Stills Editing

  1. Where did this come from? Did you find a collection of these photos online or were they given to you? That second song was awesome – what is it?

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